Welcome to November

We're having perfect November weather in NYC. It's blustery and overcast, with lots of leaves swirling about.

The marathon was today, which meant lower-than-average attendance at church. I also started the faith class today - learning about Methodism. So far so good. It's only four sessions, but I'm worried about having to miss the fourth one (our trip for Thanksgiving and then Miami), but I'll figure it out when I get there.

Shawn will be home soon, so I'm looking forward to that. Today for me was church, the faith class, then the gym (Palladium -- working out and watching TV is so much better than without TV!), an omelet at Cozy and then home. I've got "Sunshine Cleaning" going while I'm waiting and blogging. Need to gear myself up for work this week.

I have a notebook sheet of ideas for blog posts, so I should have plenty of content beyond the day-to-day mundane this-is-my-life posts. But we'll see. Tomorrow is the Knicks game after work, so there will be that to write about.

Kind of a lame first-of-November post, but it will do. Until tomorrow...

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