Post from the Basement

In the basement at my in-laws. There was no internet access at either airport, but I did jot down a post (who needs a journal when you have a laptop?), that I'll paste here and call it a night.

1.16 PM

LaGuardia Airport.
Delta Terminal.
Gate D5.

Made it to the airport gate in just over an hour. Door to door via the subway and bus. Taking the M60 bus was pretty exciting. The bus was PACKED and I was the last one on. I asked the driver if it was safe (to stand in the doorway) and he said "yes" so I boarded.


I'm basically standing, holding a rail and ZOOMING down the street - able to just see the road ahead. Crazy, right?

The fun was disrupted after a few stops when a scuffle broke out ... one woman thought another was taking up too much space and decided to yell at her about it. Very reminiscent of my subway experience a few weeks back when one woman told another how disgusting she was for snapping her gum. Who do these people think they are? The etiquette police?!

Anyway, this complaining woman was LIVID at having to touch this woman, although there really wasn't anywhere for the other person to go. They started yelling at each other, the complaining, foul mouthed woman cried to the bus driver who just shrugged.

At the next stop someone got off or stood up so the griping one could scoot over. She yelled out "Welcome to New York. Happy Thanksgiving," in a really hateful tone, of course.

Here I am, without internet access. (Guess Google doesn't Love NY) There's not even an option to pay, so whatever. This text file will have to do until I can get online and post today.

PS I did make it to the gym this morning. Holla!

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