Little Ditty

I gave Dale her afghan today. The pictures I took of it don't seem to be on this computer. So I'll have to look some more. I'm too lazy to transfer the photos I took when she opened it. Anyway, it's really pretty and she likes it, so that's good. Definitely a lot of work!

Now there's a James Bond marathon on, and I'm nursing a Sonic diet coke that I refilled with cherry diet dr. pepper. Only in the South!

Another duty-bound entry, but what are you gonna do? I could detail my purchases of the day and/or expand on my love of Wal-Mart. But I want to go relax. So, ta.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

I like this post. I think I'm becoming a fan of concise. Not that I'm good at it. Are you, like me, going to take a blog break on DEC 1?

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