Fired Up

If blogging had been around when I was a basketball player I probably would have been kicked out of the conference. I'm way too excitable and ... just don't know that I would have been able to keep myself in check with sportsman-like conduct.

Tonight, however I am a spectator, and I'm all fired up about a team for which I have no vested interest other than the fact that my husband works at their university and we can see the home games as part of our gym membership.

I love basketball. LOVE it. And for whatever reason, I love this team.

The women played against a team who displayed poor sportsmanship but who were GOOD athletes. NYU displayed some amazing coaching, because their defensive strategy worked and the opponent's best players were effectively shut down (and then fouled out).

BUT with so many turnovers and shots not falling it was a wonder that they were able to pull it out, but they did. And it was a sight to see. Really fun times, but would be more fun if the crowd included more fans.

Aside from just cheering for the Violets (how great is that name?!) I was against this team even before seeing their foul attitudes on the court. In their season opener they beat another team 111-32. That's just ... excessive. And the way the coach was acting I have a feeling that he shows no mercy, even when mercy is called for.

It wasn't tonight, and the poor sports went down. But I'm certain they'll do better going forward, because even poor sports come out on top sometimes.

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