Two Years Later

I mark time. I remember self-dates (i.e. my first boyfriend and I started "going out" on Jan. 11; I got my braces off on Feb. 11, which is also the birthday of the guy I sat behind in algebra classes; etc.) ... well today is a day - two years since Shawn and I got engaged at the Top of the Rock. That means this picture is two years old:

How innocent and sweet I look!

After the darkness of yesterday -- really just a terrible day punctuated in bouts of self doubt -- today has been a welcome bit of light, remembering why I am here, in this city. To be with my beloved. All the other stuff is ... just that, stuff.

Also it didn't hurt that I got a card from my best 5-year-old with birthday photos and TWO custom drawings -- Optimus Prime and Thomas -- to add to my collection and display.

In an attempt to keep the positivity on an upswing I'm forcing myself to go to the gym. So I'd better get moving.

Aside: the building handy man came to our door today ... Shawn had failed to tell me he'd reported our weird sink - it was wobbly and had a bit of a leak. The handy man was working away, swearing under his breath at it while I worked at my computer at some PowerPoint stuff, feeling equally frustrated at times with the program and my computer's processor. SO for about 45 minutes today I had a co-worker ... at least we were working alongside each other at our respective tasks. HA!

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Sydney said...

It's always a good idea to remember why you're here and then go to the gym.

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