Tiramisu Blanket

Green Baby Blanket Donation 011

Here's one of several photos of the Tiramisu blanket I made this month. Holly sent me the pattern. I made it to use up the green yarn I had left over from my last baby blanket, but I still have more. Not sure what I'll do with it, but it's certainly a great color.

The pattern is super easy -- basically single crochet. But because it's single crochet, it takes a long time. I also didn't do a great job keeping the sides straight, as evidenced by at least one of the photos. But the ribbon ties at the corner are just too sweet. Probably impractical for an active baby and the ribbon might even be a choking hazard. But the blanket looks cute even with the ribbons removed.

The plan is to donate this to the church craft fair along with some thread snowflakes and stars, which still need to be starched.

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