Relative Youth

I forced myself to the gym tonight, even though I worked until almost 7 p.m. (straight through from 9 a.m. ... I'm clearly doing something wrong) and scarfed a bite of dinner and just wanted to watch TV.

I didn't work out very hard or anything, and I forgot my music. I was forced to listen to the fan and the whir of the machines - people running on the treadmills making a rhythmic soothing sound. I read my magazine, so it wasn't the worst. I should focus more on pushing myself. At this point I'm just proud of me for getting out of the apartment regularly. Huh.

The reason for this post is that on the way to the gym I overheard a conversation that kind of made it worth while. It was a couple of guys, one of whom worked at Ricky's Halloween store (or somewhere else where he'd have to wear a costume at work). He was talking about some list of 25 year olds who had changed the world and was freaking out about how he'll be 25 in SIXTY DAYS! OMG he needs to change the world fast. Also that when you're old and excellent no one cares because you're supposed to be that way.

Oh brother.

We were almost at the gym (they kept walking), but I really wanted to say most people are not going to change the world in a huge way. But most of us can change OUR worlds -- be a positive impact on the people around us. Just the same we can also have negative impacts that change our worlds just as much. I also wanted to knock their heads together.

I did nothing -- just walked along to the gym, swiped in and did my elliptical thing.

I'll be glad when Shawn's home. I didn't know I could get much more hermit-y (hermit-ic?) ...

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