Maybe I should get more flexible. Oiy.

Nothing unusual with work today. I went to the post office after work and then to Duane Reade for envelopes, the deli for Think Thin bars (until my Amazon delivery arrives later this week) and the gym. I pushed a bit, which makes me feel better. I should do that more, and get back into weight training. I loved having strong muscles. One step at a time -- need to get consistent with gym-going first!

Church was solid yesterday. We've had gloomy chilly weather, but inside the sanctuary it was warm and bright. The children's sermon was pretty great. She asked them all "what do you like to do for fun?" The kids said -- soccer, basketball, jump rope, watch TV, swimming, etc. Then she asked "who likes to draw?" and everyone raised their hand.

So some of these things we probably do by ourselves, but we can always invite people to do things with us that we enjoy. Serving God can be fun and enjoyable! (Her drawing example was that we could make cards and share our love of drawing with others.)

We're doing what we love -- God made us the way we are and to enjoy doing things, and having fun is a blessing from God. And we need to share that joy with others -- whether playing with your basketball or soccer team or drawing a card for someone.

I thought it was a pretty straightforward, solid message for the kids. And I needed to hear it too. My joys are crochet and writing letters. Both are things I can do with others and/or for others.

Crochet projects are moving along but nothing complete yet. Need to get in gear.

Baseball is killing me -- I just want to see House.

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