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I share links through my Google Reader, and if Google worked as I think it should I would be able to share those in round-up posts created automagically by Blogger. WordPress has a plug-in for that, but until I block off the time and really learn WordPress and transfer this blog to that platform I'll continue to selectively share via posts, and I have two to share today, neither of which I actually shared w/ "note in reader."

Janice Erlbaum: Dea(r)th of a blog: I read this one a couple days ago, but I found myself still thinking about it, especially her sixth reason for keeping a blog: 6. To passive-aggressively let people know what I was really thinking, without having to own it in person:
6. Ugh. It’s been a number of years since I used my blog to take passive-aggressive shots at conveniently unnamed people (“Oh, I wasn’t talking about you…”), but I can still work up a healthy cringe recalling those times. When I used my Twitter account one day this summer to swipe anonymously at two women I know, I realized it was time to quit Twitter. I am not proud of having used my blog to be hurtful to other people, even if those other people were American Idol contestants, or otherwise totally asking for it. Oh, I’m not talking about you

I don't think I do that too much on my blog, but I know on Twitter I am insanely gripe-y and I shouldn't be. I like "without having to own it in person" -- that I shouldn't write anything about someone that I wouldn't say to them directly (even if I vaguely refer to someone). A good goal to strive for, made especially hard given the fact that I don't speak TO people most days and am limited to e-mail. But I digress.

Advice Columnist Stands on Her Faith: This is a UMC feature about "Ask Amy" -- a lifelong Methodist. I remember reading an excerpt from her book in a women's magazine, probably around last Christmas. I had wanted to read her book, and should still add it to my "to read" list ... and here's an idea, actually request is from the library!

Today's Upper Room reading was outstanding, based on the scripture Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people." I like the idea that no matter what we are doing we can do it in ministry for the Lord. Putting that into practice is another matter entirely, but it definitely lifted me today, and I hope it does the same for you.

(Aside - it would actually be helpful for my work to be better at WordPress, since that's the software our blog uses ... although I don't have access to the blog server, which is another thing entirely)

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