Sundays Are So Hard

Open Sunday
Sundays are my busy work days, even though I don't actually work!

We go to worship on Sunday mornings, then Sunday school afterward. Getting the kids out and where they need to be, back and forth, and keeping them mostly quiet and entertained is exhausting. I also record the sermon almost every week (I do have backup who did it while we were on sabbatical), so I'm moving the camera around and setting all that up. Then after we get home I have to edit, save and post the video to Vimeo using iMovie (not my favorite program). I also publish it 2-3 places on our website plus Facebook and Twitter, and I make a matching slider for the website home page. The video takes forever to save and upload -- such a time suck.

Each Sunday I write my weekly email about my girls that goes to their grandparents and some aunts and a cousin. That takes a long time to process photos and write about our week (using the photos to remember!), and sometimes I make a video mash up of the video clips I've taken in the week. (I have not done this today yet!)

Sunday evenings at 4:30 the girls have swim lessons. Luckily we have them in class at the same time (different teachers, same pool) so it's time efficient. But it's still one more thing to do and a time point/thing to rush to when I'm usually not quite finished with things when it's time to start getting suits on and into the car.

Today was a special church conference, so I had to go back to church at noon. That sucked up about an hour. I also still make the meals for everyone - lunch and supper (just sandwiches at lunch and leftovers at supper).

Jane has not been feeling well, and on Tuesday we had her well check at the doctor who said she had an ear infection. (She'd gone to urgent care last Sunday and they said it wasn't an infection -- I'm inclined to believe our pediatrician!) Our doctor prescribed an antibiotic but said since Jane was feeling better she might not need it. Well, Jane is still feeling bad and crying off and on. Although she says her ear doesn't hurt (but will sometime admit it feels weird), we're starting the medicine. So I had to go to the pharmacy to get it. It's not far away, but it's another errand to add -- about 15 minutes.

Livia had trouble falling asleep for her nap, so I had to rock her a little bit, even though Shawn was the one who put her down. That's just another 15-20 minutes eaten up (I do normal child care of course, but on the weekends I have Shawn's help and like to do LESS!).

Also today I had a special request to make a flier for a food drive being done at Jane's school for our church's food pantry. I like doing things like that, but it sucks up more time than I should let it (and I'm still not done).

There's a free (just pay $7 shipping) calendar on Shutterfly that I want to make, and I had to write this blog post. I stayed up too late last night watching SNL (which I didn't find that funny -- I turned it off after Weekend Update). OH! And I haven't read my Bible reading for today (that takes 30-45 minutes). At least we're in Acts, which is interesting and story-like. I have ONE more Rizolli & Isles to watch on Hulu, so I hope I can get everything done in time to do that!

Just hope the girls get in bed on time, that Jane falls asleep and STAYS asleep. We have a special church thing in the morning (thankfully no school all week so if she's sick we can manage without missing much). Shawn can stay home in the morning so I can still go/take Livia, but I really want Jane to come as she's finally old enough to understand what we're doing by buying other kids gifts so they can have a good Christmas. We still have Angel Tree kids to shop for, so I guess I can include her in that if this thing tomorrow doesn't work out.

After a nice, lazy day yesterday with only laundry, groceries and watching a DVD, today has been a real grind. And I'm ready for a rest.

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