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Eye Makeup Artistry

I fall down rabbit holes of time sucks on the Internet, and one of my favorites is Facebook video. I can scroll, scroll, scroll and watch (muted) videos of people making cakes, painting nails, giving various life hacks and tips, and -- maybe my favorite -- putting on makeup.

Krystal Clear Makeup might be my favorite of those. She has that vacant, weird stare after she puts on the makeup, but then just before the video ends she cracks and does a big smile that's so cute. She's also really good at putting on makeup!

Wedding Makeup Attempt
Unfortunately, I am NOT good at putting on makeup. I went to the Clinique counter to get some foundation -- so I could get the right color and hoping it would work better with my dry, aging skin. The stuff I bought is fine, and I'm nervous about going through it too quickly. It's very light, and I didn't realize how pale I really am -- it matches my neck according to the counter lady who helped me. It really covers up the redness I wasn't aware was so prominent. But it also makes me look a little chalky and highlights the "flaws" of my skin. If you don't look too closely though it looks great, so that's that. (I have a back-up CoverGirl foundation that I use too.)

Last night we went to a wedding of a church friend, and it was a fun, happy night. I didn't think about what to wear until this week, not wanting to buy something new when I have clothes in my closet that I rarely pull out. I wore a dress I hadn't worn in a while - white lacy top and black skirt, black tights and black oxford-type laced shoes (weird but fine -- my tall black boots I wanted to wear had disintegrated -- they were that "bonded" leather so had just fallen apart, much like our loveseat). I had my purple Turkish pashmina and my purple sparkle clutch purse (really only use at weddings because Mama likes to tote a LOT of stuff normally).

I put on makeup, and I tried a little "special" eye make up using various palettes I have, mostly from Clinique Bonus Time (although I don't normally wear makeup I have used moisturizer and eye cream from there for several years). It didn't turn out terribly, but neither was it great or really all that special. I need to watch more videos and practice more. It really is artistic, and I am not very artistic, especially with paints or things like that. I am also lazy and impatient, which isn't conducive to a good final product. Possibly I need different brushes for the different colors? And probably different sized brushes too.

Here's how my eyes looked at the end of the night and after I'd scrubbed them as much as I could:


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