Movie Going

The girls and I went to the movies today (rather than clean or set up Christmas stuff -- maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow).

We saw Ralph Wrecks the Internet. We'd never seen the original, Wreck-It Ralph, but our friend gave us a synopsis last night when we said we were going. It was OK, and the mildly tense parts weren't too scary for Jane.

We went to the Movie Tavern because it's so convenient to knock out a movie and lunch together. But man it's expensive. There was also a 9:30 at a regular theater type, and that might have been better. But we had such a late night (not in bed until after 9 for the girls since it was bath night and we'd been hanging by a wood burning fire so hair needed to get washed anyway), I didn't know that we'd be able to rally and get around by then. (We were almost ready by 9:30, but it would have been pushing it.)

It wasn't as crowded as I expected, and there were many free seats. This theater isn't really near shopping, but I'd still think today would be a big movie day. I'd preferred to have seen something else, but kid choices are limited.

The movie crossed over into Livia's nap, so after she ate her food (and she demolished the chicken tenders and fruit cup), she climbed into my lap. I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom in movies -- no matter how much I do or don't drink -- so it was tricky at the end. She melted down on the car ride home, and we were able to get her a short nap. Hope that doesn't wreck bedtime tonight!

I like doing out and doing things with my girls, but I hate when it's not appreciated and I have to deal with yelling on the way home. (Liv wasn't the only one who melted down.) Screen time in ANY form seems to do a number on my girls.

All is fine now, and they're playing play doh. I'd really like to see Mary Poppins Returns -- maybe something we can do during our trip to see Shawn's family right after Christmas.

Speaking of, I think I'll start unpacking some boxes and decorating here and there. (Tree isn't up yet -- that's a Shawn job!)

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