Flexibility, Lack Thereof

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As a parent I should be used to last-minute changes of plan, and I guess I am. But I will never LIKE them. I like to plan things and get way too upset when things don't go the way I expected them to.

Jane has stayed home from school three of the five days this week, including today. I had to get groceries Tuesday evening rather than during the day as I'd planned, after I had to pick up Jane early from school (talking 8:30 a.m. early). (Thankfully Shawn wasn't on his trip yet.)

She rallied enough to go to to school on Wednesday, Halloween, because they could wear their costumes. But she didn't wear hers long, she said. She got hot and took it off (the rule was they had to wear uniforms under costumes, which is a good rule). The nurse called me at 2:30, just before carpool, to say Jane was still sick, but it wasn't fever, just cough and elevated pulse.

We took her trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, and she mostly rode in the stroller. It's tough pushing a 50+ pound kid! Liv didn't complain, although we did take turns carrying her since her stroller was occupied. For a while Jane said she didn't want to trick-or-treat, so I was dealing with my disappointment about missing it. I was glad she rallied enough for that, although I know she is really sick because she STILL hasn't sorted her candy!

Since she did trick-or-treating, I took her to school on Thursday, but within an hour the nurse called me again, suggesting I take her to the doctor. So we did that yesterday and Jane likely has a bacteria that's going around, and we have some medicine now. I got Livia some medicine too, because she has a cough too. I called the doctor for Liv after her teacher woke her up from her nap because she was coughing and made me pick her up (meaning no nap for Liv!). I guess it was to not wake up the other kids, but I was annoyed about that too!

Now today Jane still doesn't feel great. She's got a come-and-go cough (and when she coughs it sounds terrible), so Livia will miss her Spanish class because I don't have anyone to stay with Jane. Livia still has a come-and-go cough, but she's not acting like she's sick at all -- she's running around and being herself.

I have the beginnings of a chest cold too, but I don't feel that bad. Mainly annoyed at having plans dashed and that Jane is still sick despite staying home and resting. I really wanted to go to Livia's Spanish class (it was expensive and is only six weeks -- we have one more class next week), and I wanted to go to Walmart to look at their clearance Halloween costumes.

I just hope this medicine takes hold and makes the girls' coughs go away and for Jane to feel better. This is my first time being sick since I stopped nursing, so I can take whatever medicine I want...

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