Ordered a "free" calendar on Shutterfly today -- one of those "just pay shipping" deals. It was about $9 with shipping and tax (because of course we pay tax on the shipping!). Not bad for a custom photo calendar, although I had to make it twice. When I clicked through the ad it automatically made a 12x12 calendar, and I didn't realize the size or that it wasn't part of the promotion. And of course there's no easy way to change the size and I had to start over from scratch. At least I had my photos picked out and uploaded already, but what a waste of work. I like to give wall calendars as gifts too, so I'll watch for other sales as we roll closer to Christmas.

I can't believe we are ONE WEEK from Thanksgiving. It's come so fast. In one week I have to make a full dinner for my family and in-laws. It will be fine, but I haven't even begun to think. We also need to clean house again (unfortunately the clean from Jane's party didn't "stick" and things are back to usual clutter and such).

I asked Jane what she wanted for Thanksgiving dinner and she said "scrambled eggs." I asked her again "WHAT?!" It took me a little bit to realize she meant DEVILED eggs. My heart, my heart, my heart. I love her. I hope she knows how much, especially in our challenging moments.

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