Sixth Party

Six balloons plus a SIX balloon.
A six-shaped cheese and fruit plate
Six balloons on our address post
We made it through Jane's sixth birthday party. I'm totally wiped out. The party was 3-5. A few girls were dropped off, and that was actually just fine. There was only one girl who came and hadn't RSVP'ed, and we had the space and canvas with the painters. All together there were 10 kids, including Jane. (11 if you count Liv, although she didn't paint of course.) I would have liked more access to help Jane with her painting, but it turned out cute anyway. The kids all had a good time, and the food and cake were good. We had a cheese and grapes plate, crackers, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn and the cake and ice cream. Plus waters and pink and regular lemonade. The kids played outside for a bit after the paintings were done. I haven't processed photos from my big camera, so maybe that will be my post for tomorrow. (I really get a few "freebie" spaces in NaBloPoMo with this being Jane and my birthday month.)

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