A Jumbo Tron

Almost forgot to blog today. I am so tired. Sundays are my hardest days -- church sucks up time and energy. Afterward I took Jane to a women's basketball game at LSU. She had to be DRAGGED to go, although it ended up being fun for her (I let her get Dippin Dots!). Tickets are affordable. Concessions are not!

They got a new jumbo-tron, and it's the largest video screen in college basketball, according to the program at least. Good grief it's massive. Jane got on it 3 times because she's so cute! (There weren't THAT many people there, and they put people on more often if they're dancing/hamming it up, which she and I did while waving a pom pom and her giant foam tiger paw.)

Good Mama-Jane outing.

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