I'm not usually productive, at least that's how it feels lately. But today I got a lot done by, at least by my standards.

Woke up and immediately started cleaning, since we're expecting company on Monday. Vacuumed, did some dusting and cleaned bathrooms while the girls played outside (they both really hate the vacuum, and I do too, but it's OK when I put on music and headphones). Also started the laundry, which is the typical Saturday thing for us.

I voted ( good choices).

Went to Target to buy a birthday gift since Amazon failed me and didn't deliver the package on time (hope to be able to return it, or just save it for another kid on another day). I saw Jane's first preschool teacher, but she didn't recognize me without kids. I still said hello. She was with her daughter, who's grown up a lot!

Stopped in Walmart quickly to buy conditioner -- I'd bought two shampoos and no conditioner earlier this week. Target didn't have the kind I wanted (a special edition "frosted cookie" set). I bought two conditioners, thinking that I'll either have two sets in case I really like it OR a set to give to my sister if it's only so-so.

Went to Trader Joe's to buy the turkey and some groceries (on second thought I should get my turkey at the store ... I don't cook it that well, and TJ only has HUGE ones ... 12 lb was the smallest ... and it's something that's actually MORE expensive than the grocery store -- TOO LATE NOW, as Jane would say).

Then went to Winn Dixie for the BIG grocery shop. Food for the week with guests and for the big dinner on Thursday -- oh, the menu is another freebie NaBloPoMo post spot. Shawn helped keep the laundry going and the girls in check. Laundry is *almost* done.

I'm pretty tired. Still have dinner to do (and frankly after buying so much food I don't feel like cooking at all!). In my meal planning I didn't account for today (or tomorrow!), so I guess we'll wing it with quesadillas or grilled cheese.

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