Smoke Out My Ears

I was going to tweet about this, but couldn't figure out how to shrink it down to 140 characters. Then I remembered I needed to write a blog post today and I can use as many gee-dee characters as I want. AH.

A very minor church snafu has me all riled up and upset. I am IRRATIONALLY mad, blaming everyone (including myself) and full of rage about the whole thing.

I am responsible for recording, processing and posting the weekly sermon videos. Since we were out of town this week I asked someone else to please record. OK, no problem. This person is NOTORIOUSLY unreliable, but she is a video expert and can work a camera (I've had problems in the past with people not being able to make the camera work).

Unfortunately the battery I had left had somehow worn itself down -- despite being FULLY charged when I left it. Instead of recording the sermon like I asked she spent battery power on recording (copyrighted) music performance, which she then posted (against copyright, I'm sure -- there's another thing no one listens to me on) and "saved" the rest of the battery for these testimonial things they just HAD to record this week and this week only -- basically her side project. And she said she had plenty of battery left when she was done (so I assume she could have recorded the sermon anyway).

So she texted me all this -- first she asked me where the extra battery is while I was on the plane. This part is on me and is most certainly my fault because it was still at my house from when I took it to charge last week... and I didn't take it back during the week mainly because I wanted control of batteries and know which ones were fresh. Then she said that the pastor had told her to "not worry about filming" and for "Mari to not worry either."


I basically told her I was disappointed but not surprised she didn't get it done and if I want something done I have to do it myself. I never get to see the sermon if I'm not there to record it.

Then she went and whined to the pastor, so HE texted me to clarify that he was the one who told her not to record. He wanted to be sure there's "no misunderstanding." I haven't responded to either crazy message -- BOTH of which are laced with faux niceties I've come to expect in the South -- "how are you feeling?" "how was your vacation?" (vacation my ass).

There IS NO MISUNDERSTANDING. This person (again) didn't do what she said she'd do. Full stop. Why she didn't do it is irrelevant to me.

Maybe I will feel better tomorrow, but honestly if I "shouldn't worry about it," then I am ready to turn in the computer I use to edit video and wash my hands of the entire thing. The upset has spilled over into everything else -- I was short with a waitress where we ate lunch and mad at Shawn about the stupidest stuff.

Travel and exhaustion make me even more irrational, I know. We didn't sleep well last night because other people at the hotel kept screaming in the hallways, including some obscenities. Jane slept through it but none of us got enough sleep before our ~5:15 a.m. wake up.

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