A Clean Calendar

Taken pre-7 a.m. b/c still adjusting to standard time...
I've started something new, planner-wise. I'm trying to "bullet journal" after I read about it on Miss Zoot, which I found via Hello Korio. So far I'm liking it, but I need to keep getting used to it. I'll write more about it in detail later this month.

But I still love paper calendars in the grid. Here is our kitchen calendar -- I make a new one every year with Jane pictures, and for this year I realized I could put pictures IN the calendar grid, so there's a picture of Jane on her birthday and a picture of me (and Jane) on my birthday. I haven't written anything else yet for the month, and it was neat to see it so clean. (I actually have a lot going on in November, so my small calendar is covered in scribbles and appointments already.)

Calendars are also a great grandparent Christmas gift, so I try to watch for sales on them this time of year. The December picture is usually a year old (so we'll get to see 2-year-old Jane on this year's calendar), but that's kind of sweet too. I could always just use recent pictures, but I like to do a picture that was taken in the month shown on the calendar. Recently there was a ~$7 deal (just pay shipping I think?) on Shutterfly but I couldn't get it together. What I need to do is spend a few hours getting calendars laid out the way I like in Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc. and then wait for a deal to come up and I'm all ready to pounce. (Or I should be more flexible about the pictures and just go with what is closest at hand!)

How do you keep track of your schedule? Have you heard of or tried bullet journaling?

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