At the risk of a security breach we are traveling this weekend. We are flying from Baton Rouge, which is pretty darn convenient.

I recently saw a Facebook thread complaining about BTR not being as good as the New Orleans airport and how much easier it is to get to NoLa.


Our house is at least an hour from New Orleans airport, and we can be at BTR in about 20 minutes. Maybe ticket prices are higher for some destinations, but the time saved to me is worth it.

The FB thread also complained about the airport's neighborhood. It's in the northern part of the city, which does have more crime. But what's the alternative? Move the airport? You want it in your backyard? Ticket prices would definitely go up if you move it. Good grief.

Hope our flights are easy and on time. See you on the flip side. Really hope hotel has WiFi so I can blog tomorrow!!

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