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Holiday ... Celebrate ...

It's Columbus Day, which means I have the day off (being a federal employee-ish and all). Shawn doesn't ... the university takes this and other holidays as the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. I think I'd prefer that ... but having a random day off is nice.

I spent the day doing domestic chores -- laundry, errands, vacuuming, etc. I'm not sure I could do this all day every day, although add a baby or two to the mix and I think I could handle it just fine. Dreaming, dreaming ... Wishing, wishing ... stay tuned.

One of my errands was to get a library card. SUCCESS! And I checked out a couple books, so I feel like an official citizen, even more so than when I got my driver's license and registered to vote (which I still need to actually do ... I didn't participate in the Oct. 2 primaries).

The main library is so '70s (as I'm sure they all are), but it had a good vibe and was obviously very popular. I'm not sure if it's always so busy or if the holiday gave it more traffic.

The young adult section has a couple cardboard cutouts -- one of Robert Pattinson (will he ever leave me be?!) and the other of Spock -- Leonard Nimoy! I was kind of bummed I didn't have my camera ... maybe next time.

Another cool feature is that all the Louisiana books are sectioned together, which makes browsing for fiction and non-fiction about my new home easier. Will aim to digest at least a bit of that -- and I've started with a couple recommendations I got via comment a while back. Will add them to GoodReads after I finish them.

The only drag -- the library is kind of far away. Took at least 20 minutes to get there, and I can imagine it would take longer if I were going after work (meaning this is probably going to be a weekend-only errand) ... maybe there is a closer branch. I know you'll be waiting on bated breath for updates ...

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Sydney said...

Nothing better than a good library post! My breath is bated as I wait for news of the Branch library. Do they allow librarians to work there? Next time you go to the main library, ask the REF librarian a question and let me know if s/he is as nice as me. :~)

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