Pretend Adulthood

Back from the business trip ... worked 16 hours yesterday with all the travel and late meeting, and 10 hours today with return travel. I am worn out and battled a fierce daylong headache after lack of food and water during the long stretch of work and meeting. I didn't get the headache completely licked until after a latte and Excedrin this morning. And there are many more trips to come ...

The room I stayed in was unbelievably gorgeous. The best part was the view of the Gulf of Mexico. Of course I was never in my room when it was daylight, so I didn't get a picture. I worked until past 10 last night and left this morning pre-7 (good thing too because of the traffic).

I took a picture from the airplane to have something to illustrate this post. Maybe my coworker will share some view photos -- she was on a higher floor and was at the hotel a couple days early. I didn't remember Galveston being so lovely when I was there for our high school graduation trip!

I am such an adult ... and it partly feels phony. I have made many air flights and train trips on my own, but this was the first time I rented a car, drove myself somewhere in that unfamiliar car and didn't get confused or lost. I managed myself, including getting back to the airport and battling 2 hours of Houston traffic -- yikes. I wonder if other 20-somethings feel like they're faking their way through life. I guess fake it until you make it.

I'm still going that route with my job. Who knows if I really know what I'm doing. Half the time maybe yes, half the time definitely no. And I'm kind of twisted. I left early today -- 4:30, when 3 would have marked 8 hours -- and I still felt guilty, like I was skipping or doing something wrong.

I'm over it, and the extra half hour for reading and lounging on the couch has perked me up ... but I'm still looking forward to a long deep sleep tonight. Hope your night is as restful as I expect mine to be.

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Anonymous said...

"Galveston, oh Galveston, I hear your sweet voice calling..."

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