SilverMari Responds: Reader Questions

I have had a couple question comments on recent posts that I thought I'd elevate the answers to a post of its own. (I never remember to check back on posts I've commented on anyway.) Just because I could respond to these readers directly via e-mail, why not eek out another post ... and maybe someone else was wondering too!
An airboat? Is that the thing that Marlon Perkins would use to cruise through the Everglades? LOL
Yes - the airboat (wikipedia link) is the kind of thing they use in the Everglades. Apparently they can tip over quite easily. They didn't tell me that until we were safely back at the car. But I was glad to be wearing a PFD (personal flotation device -- or life jacket) even without that bit of information!

I had to look up the Marlin Perkins reference (wikipedia link), TV host of Wild Kingdom. Sounds like he would have used an airboat during the filming, so the answer is yes to that part of the question too!
Whatever happened to "Sage" anyway???
Not sure what prompted this, since the post it was left on didn't include a mention of Sage, although I have certainly been thinking of her in my current job and maybe had written about her on another post. And one of my coworkers reminds me of her a lot in mannerisms.

I'm not sure what happened to Sage, my graduate school roommate. Our relationship exploded, primarily due to my failure as a roommate (I had to find someone willing to deal with the crazy ... lucky Shawn). I don't think we've spoken since just after I moved out in 2006 -- on the phone to resolve getting the bedroom I vacated painted. She blocked me on Facebook, made her blog private, etc. I respect that our relationship is severed, although maybe we'll run into each other again someday and can mend old wounds.
And how is it that Shawn always looks so good?
This is a tougher nut to crack. Shawn looks so good in part because we love him so much and also because he's photogenic and has good, youthful genes. I took about 3 pictures of him with the griddle (mostly due to my fiddling with the flash), so it definitely isn't a factor of taking a load of pictures and choosing the best one.

I love comments ... never met a blogger who doesn't ... so ask away.

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