Mall of Louisiana

I am up one new skirt and new jacket, and I had a lovely time with new friends who invited me to join them for an afternoon at the mall. Feels pretty weird, in a good way, given my hermit-like existence in New York ... ha!

In my work life I am forced to be more social. I use the telephone constantly (shudder), and social tendencies are bleeding over into my non-work life. I actually chatted with the guy who gave me my UPS package on Saturday -- something I would never have done in New York. My conversations with the doormen always felt stilted.

The package, by the way, contained custom frames for my OSU and UMD diplomas (yeah, only a few years behind on those). BOTH are screwed up, so I have to go through the hassle of sending them back. What was I thinking? Michaels is having a sale on framing so I think I'll go there if I can find time this week. It's so far away though, so probably not ... unless I can work that into my family's trip-to-the-Red-Stick that's happening this coming weekend.

Shopping with non-relatives made me think back to when the last time I would have done that ... probably with my friend Megan in college. We'd load up into one of our cars (for some reason I mostly remember her driving the big Suburban) and heading to Tulsa. Her favorite store was Arden B -- and I couldn't wear most things in the store because of the tiny sizes or afford any of it because of my cheapness. We would have fun though.

And I had fun today, although I'm worn out and boy, are my feet tired. This mall is big and nice. And I can't wait to tackle it again! Maybe I'll get crazy and be the initiator of an outing sometime. Baby steps in socializing. Baby steps!

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