I should be packing. I should be making dinner. I will soon.

Just got finished working out ... or what counts as working out for me. I'm doing my best to get in a routine, so that it becomes a habit that I'll miss when I don't get to do it (like tomorrow and Thursday when I'm not here). Just the walk to the gym, 20-ish minutes on the elliptical at varying speeds, getting heart rate up, and then the walk from the gym. It's enough to get me sweaty, which isn't exactly hard to do.

Re-read a Marie Claire (yes, it's come to this - re-reading crap-tastic magazines) and actually read some of the longer interview type articles, including the one about the Olsen twin. She is so funny and entitled. She talked about how when she and her sister went to NYU they started the craze of carrying a Starbucks cup. That made me laugh - almost off my machine.

Well, Shawn's home. So I guess I should get started on dinner. Don't worry about him while I'm gone - there are a plethora of cheap eats around us (many of which deliver) ... and I had a Fresh Direct delivery today so he's set with sandwich goods and other quick eats items should he choose to cook at home.

Packing, eck ... but tonight: DiNozzo!

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