Seems like not too long ago I was "celebrating" my 500th blog post. Here we are at 600. I think I'm getting more regular in updates BUT not necessarily better in content. Certainly not better in traffic or AdWords revenue (to be honest I've never earned enough to get paid!) ... but I have a nice history for myself and my family. I probably get the most benefit from the blog.

Anyway, another day on the home front. Worked all morning and in fact am still working to try to get my laptop to comply with my PowerPoint requests. It takes 10 minutes for it to just "convert" to allow an edit to be made. So I'm getting nowhere fast. (And blogging on my mom's computer while I wait. SHEESH.)

Lunch with Gran today. She has Women's Circle this afternoon, then choir practice and prayer meeting tonight. Beth has a meeting after school and my mom works at the library tonight. So Shawn and I will be picking up Owen from school and hanging out for a bit. Papa John's pizza is on the menu tonight - there isn't one near us in NYC (although they do exist there, they just won't deliver to our area). I've also been drinking more than my share of Sonic and Wayne's drinks - diet vanilla Coke, if you please. The people of NYC don't know what they're missing by not having the ability to get a quality fountain drink. If there's a place to get it, I haven't found it yet!

Last night we swam at the apartment. Owen is FEARLESS. He didn't even check the temperature of the water. Just plugged his nose and jumped in (he does wear a life vest/floatie apparatus). It was freezing, but Uncle Shawn and I did get in with him. Shawn threw him in the water a lot, which was fun. I have pictures, but the camera is at Beth's. I'll try to add the funniest one soon. Owen was pleased with every throw except one, when Shawn LAUNCHED him into the water from pool side and Owen landed on his back. Poor kid! He came up crying, but it didn't last long and he was back to swimming and asking to be thrown (from inside the water though). Maybe we'll swim again today.

We got Owen's hair cut yesterday too - he looks much more grown up and so so so cute. We've also been watching his new Titanic DVD - an Amazon find from Auntie M. I also got him a giant cut away book - you can see inside the ship and look at all the decks. What other 5 year old is so fascinated with a sinking ship? He is funny.

I guess this is just a lesson in learning patience. I get the concept, but I am really unable to put it into practice. I want things fast and I want them now, especially when it comes to work that I like to be able to produce. Maybe I should just slow down and take it in. We are in Oklahoma after all, home of a draaaaaaaawl like you wouldn't believe (noticed a lot on the plane, but since I've been here it's less obvious to me).

Until next time.

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