"I'm Gonna Call Up Domino's...

and have them deliver some Pepsi."

That line, from Extract, made me laugh so hard that the girls in the row behind us started laughing at me. I don't know what it was - the accent, the absurdity ... Shawn swears I laughed because I think it's a fine idea to have soda delivered by the pizza place. Seeing the movie on Saturday night was a much needed break this weekend, which was a working weekend to put it mildly.

I upgraded my iPod software - which screwed up all the music and things. I think I got it all settled, but geez what a pain. I did it while watching House (omg, I could write entry after entry about TV shows, but I figure there's enough of that w/o me attaching my name to it, but I do want to write DiNozzo!) ... so it took a bit over two hours.

Working out is still trudging along. It's not a habit yet, but I'm forcing myself to go. We'll see how the time away for work will affect it.

FINALLY got to the post office today. A certain mother-in-law's birthday gift is en route now. I also finally mailed the latest work newsletter to Gran, over a week late. It also contains an out-of-date letter, but probably better than a poke in the eye. (I know I like to get hard copy mail even if I already "know" everything in the letter.)

My eyes are acting crazy again - red/bloodshot or whatever. I should get more sleep and have less stress. Uh ... summer's over so I don't envision that any time soon. I'll keep on trucking.

This is absolutely just a journal entry - about me and what I've been doing, which basically is not much beyond work. (So it's less writer's block than life block I guess.) I haven't even really been reading anything beyond magazines, although I have one book review to type up. I also have hibernated most of my crochet projects - not sure what's up with that but I intend to take the green blanket Tiramisu pattern with me on the train ... yeah, I have to get up in the middle of the night again on Wednesday (5:45 a.m. feels like the middle of the night for me).

So this is this. Until another day.

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