Big Brother

NOT about the reality show, although I did watch one season of that - maybe the first - whichever one had the smarmy handsome doctor guy who won - Eric? No, I think it was Will.

I wrote yesterday about Owen's pretend brother, but today I've been thinking about BIG BROTHER, and not just the government.

Oklahoma State University, my alma mater, must have a bug in my apartment or something. Or maybe someone at the OSU Foundation or OSU Alumni Association reads this blog and figured out my updated address. Because without me updating it, they were able to send the OSU Magazine to my new address. But the even weirder part is that the magazine comes addressed to SHAWN! He said I should call them and get it corrected because he doesn't want anyone (including the postman) to think he is affiliated with the sticks. Uh ... Go Pokes?!

Then there's Facebook. I probably would not have made it out of my teen years had FB been around then. I mean, seriously?! The Big Brother aspect comes in the suggested friends. That feature comes up with some astounding results - suggesting someone I actually know ... although there's NO WAY FB could know I know them in real life given what data we have on our profiles (and no shared friends). Really creeps me out.

Google Images is getting Shawn - when you search his name one of the images that pops up is from our wedding site, which leads indirectly to my website, which leads to this blog. Egads! He's taken great pains to keep our online footprints separate. I changed the website with the image, but Google forgets nothing. I just hope it eventually bumps down so it doesn't appear on page 1 of the Google Image results. I am a gold mine of information about Shawn though ... so maybe I should think about scrubbing this blog and/or the site. That would make me sad though, so we'll see.

But on the other hand, I lay it all out there. There are lots of details about me that can be pieced together from Facebook, MySpace, my website, this BLOG, etc. I like this record of me though, and I like that my family (by birth and marriage) can look at what I'm doing at their leisure.

But I don't write about work at length. I may have written my organization's name in the blog, but I try not to. I sometimes gripe in Twitter, but I generally keep it unspecific and sometimes it's about working conditions (slow computer or construction or something in the apartment next door). This week's work especially has worn me out. But if you want the deets, it will have to be over e-mail.

Happy weekend. ~Mari.

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