Marketing Fail

I'm a fan of Lion Brand Yarn on Facebook. And I get their blog updates in my RSS reader. Why is it that I'm just learning today that there's a NYC store for Lion Brand Yarn? Back when I first moved here I scoured Google looking for a Michaels-type place (none on the island, but I have found one trekkable in Queens) and for yarn stores. This one didn't come up (although now it's visible on Google Maps). I wonder when it opened?! I just happened to see a blog post that used a picture of the store and mentioned that it was in NYC. Huh.

I finished a project that will be unveiled around Christmas-time. I'm working on a sweet green Tiramisu baby blanket. I intend to donate it to my church's craft fair. I also want to whip up some thread snowflakes and flat angels for the fair too. I need to get busy.

I talked to Gran today and I would probably be a happier person if I did speak to her daily. I called after my mom e-mailed me pictures of Gran's latest crocheted blanket (finishing someone else's work ... and something I helped her figure out when I was in OK last month - the pattern wasn't super clear AND the original crocheter didn't exactly follow the pattern!). Gran thought it was pretty funny that I could see the pictures the day after they were taken.

I am down and out with a head cold. Still working (clearly, blogging w/o working would be ill advised), but not at 100% capacity and with really sore ears and just a cloggy yechy feeling. Will be glad to feel better - as this yechiness just started yesterday and is in full swing today. No fever or tummy troubles, so I doubt swine flu, but I'll keep you posted. It's what I get for being out and about among the masses. Uh ...

I was planning to try to man up and go to the gym, but my head hurts too much. AND Gran's advice, like Shawn's, was to drink lots of water and rest. The resting sounds pretty good right about now, and I'm keeping up with the water ... as the worn spot in the floor between my desk and the bathroom can attest.

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