Our cupboard was bare this weekend, so we ate out for a couple meals, and I got a little creative with what we did have left (some frozen chicken, which I guess means we weren't that bare).

Anyway, last night, right before making hot dogs (how nutritious) I ordered up some FreshDirect replenishing goodness. I let myself fill my cart with anything and everything. THEN I went back and edited the cart down. WELL, FreshDirect didn't let me get away with that and ended up sending me EVERYTHING I had put in my cart yesterday, including two things of steak, more vegetables than I can cook in a week and about 5 bags of chips (what can I say? Hungry is HUNGRY!).

Literally my 3/4-size fridge cannot hold another thing, and the same goes for the freezer and "pantry" areas (I even had to put some food in with the dishes!). I had to put the entire package of chicken breasts in the freezer because it just wouldn't fit anywhere in the icebox.

So we'll be eating great for the next few days. And if anyone wants to have a chip party, you know who to call!

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