Ads I Hate: Open Hearts

I think this jewelry looks like two parts of the female anatomy - boobs and butt. And I think it's gross. (How's that for juvenile and unpersuasive?) The ads themselves rub me the wrong way too - mostly that she's so proud of a swirled mark being turned into jewelry. That said, I loved Dr. Quinn - a favorite show I watched with my grandparents when I was a kid...

Shakesville has a series called "Assvertising" - less about commercials or advertisements that annoy them and more about such things that exploit women/are offensive for some reason. Here's the latest about McDonald's ads targeting Starbucks "elitism" - with links to the previous 41 (!) Ass-vertising posts they've previously done.

Jezebel also has a similar series (Badvertising), which co-incides with my loathing of specific commercials, such as the Oreo Cookie 100 Calorie pack TV ad - which is absolutely insane. (Because really? REALLY? If women want a snack, they'll just go buy it - not chase down a guy in a truck for it - and that's not even the real problem with the ad... Jezebel says it better than me anyway/always).

And in the spirit of not ALWAYS being negative, a couple ads (or at least ad-lines) I've liked recently (literally laughed out loud when I saw both of these):
  • "I'm just a goof, looking for her ball."
  • EMT falls backwards at sight of blood. VO: "Need a new job? We can help."
Interesting that they're both traditional TV ads for web sites. Two point oh no.

Good times (or bad, as the case may be).


Anonymous said...

OK the boobs and butt thing is a real stretch.

Had you been older I'm guessing you'd have seen the

"Average White Band" in there too!!

(google it with quotes on Google IMAGES)

~For the love!

Anonymous said...

...oh, and while I'm (traveling semi-near to topics in this entry)... what really gets me about Oreos is that they didn't bring forth the high tech package with self-adhesive opening and closing for freshness in, oh, say, about nineteen sixty !!!

I mean, did we have to await DNA technology or some such thing to reach a place in time where we could, oh, say, not have to deal with bags which tear easily and often render the cookies inside unfresh?

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