Worldwide Day of Play!

The WHOLE WORLD Is Playing Today!! - Liz Strauss at Successful Blog - Thinking, writing, business ideas . . . You’re only a stranger once.:
"Worldwide Day of Play KaBOOM!

That’s right! Today is the day to get serious about playing. Yeah, I didn’t know either until I met up with Annie from KaBOOM! She let me in on the news that today is the Worldwide Day of Play. Here’s the news about it.

She also sent everything you need to know about setting up a Play Day and making your city / town / neighborhood a safe place to play:
* Play Day Resources
* Playful City USA
* Imagination Playground
* KaBOOM! Playspace Finder — complete with widget
* KaBOOM! Playspace Finder Sweepstakes"
Much like with International Crochet Day a couple weeks ago, I didn't know this was going on until I stumbled across it in my usual RSS feed (Liz writes great social media stuff). Anyway, I read it AFTER I had, in fact, come home from playing. LITERALLY.

Shawn and I went to the NYU gym today and played HORSE, did a few passing drills and just shot basketballs for about an hour. It was good fun and we're both worn out - man it's been almost TEN YEARS since I was a high school athlete. Hrm. But whatever - world wide day of play was commemorated by us!

Next up - Smithsonian's Museum Day - we're going to the City Museum of NYC... More on that later.


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Annie said...

Hi Mari!

Thanks for writing about Worldwide Day of Play! I'm glad you got out there and had some fun on Saturday!

Did you know NYC was just selected as a Playful City USA? You can learn more at .

Stay playful!

Annie Lynsen

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