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perfectbound: clean sweep:
"Do you ever get the feeling you have too much 'stuff'? Sometimes it just feels good to put a few things away for a little while. I'm the kind of person that has to be neat. I don't like seeing a mess, and I can't go to bed with a dirty dish in the sink or something lying on the floor. Lately my closet has been overcome with clutter. Each time I open the door I feel tired just looking at it all. I don't know where to begin. So yesterday I started putting a few things away and cleaning up the chaos. I think it really frees your mind as well, not thinking about the mess behind the door."
In preparation for my in-laws' visit this weekend, I went through my closet, drawers and bathroom shelves and purged-purged-purged. I do have most of my belongings packed up and stored - under the bed, in the top of the closets, back of cabinets and at my parents' house. But there is still always MORE I can be rid of. So, yesterday we walked four giant bags of clothes, purses, etc. to Salvation Army. Add that to the bag of trash I purged from outdated medicines, hair products and old socks...well I'm breathing a little lighter now. The process is ongoing, but I'm keeping my intake to a minimum to avoid getting back into the position of suffocating under STUFF.


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