Hilarious - Law & Order Makes You Eat Too Much?

Eating too much? 'Law & Order' may be guilty - Behavior- msnbc.com:

"Crime TV has become a staple of the typical American viewer’s diet. From “Law & Order” and “CSI” — both of which come in three separate flavors — to “Criminal Minds,” “Cold Case” and “The Closer,” it’s hard to avoid the banquet of brutality offered up each week, each day or even each hour if you happen to have cable.

But a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research may give viewers pause about all the death they’re routinely letting into their living rooms. Apparently, must-bleed-TV may just make you eat and shop more."

Oh man, hilariously funny study... That I'm writing about while watching Law & Order (original flava) and contemplating dinner.

Do I share too much? CAN'T help it. ~M.

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