Sunday in list form
  • Went to church - the new interim pastor started, WONDERFUL sermon "It's All About Love."
  • Itching/hives/whatever they are much worse, and itching like mad during the service. Praying during communion and realized that God could take this away from me, could take my back pain away ... read a little bit of Job - just because I'm hurting doesn't mean God wants me to hurt. Praying for him to take it away or show me how to get rid of it.
  • Walk to Walgreen's next to the church, thinking I'll get some more anti-itch cream and maybe some Ace bandages to wrap my arms in to keep myself from itching...
  • Look across the street and see the Duane Reade - and the sign that says "Walk In Clinic, open 7 days a week"
  • Cross street, go in, am the only patient.
  • Fill out forms, answer questions, see doctor within 20 minutes.
  • Stump doctor - he doesn't know what this could be any more than Shawn or I do.
  • Doctor writes me 4 prescrips - a cream, an antibiotic because the itching caused "cellulitis" (?) and a steroid to take temporarily to reduce swelling (?) - also wrote a scrip for Benadryl ... which my insurance didn't cover so the pharmacist just told me to buy it over the counter.
  • Itching still but the bumps are down - instead of puffy and red, just red. Painful regardless, and I just took the two Benadryl and will likely be passed out within the hour - but maybe it will help the itching more than the one Benadryl I took for two nights in a row - then woke up at 6 AM itching - maybe I will sleep through the night then wake up and start the pill cycle (minus Benadryl).
  • Pray for the best... And if not, back to the doctor I go.

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