In Laws Descend - List Style

Friday Sept. 19
  • Train gets in early at Penn Station; family waits for me to get off work (and rests after 9 hour train ride)
  • Head to Macy's - see all floors, including top and cellar
  • Train to Times Square - Dallas BBQ for dinner
  • After dinner walk around to look at the lights and all the people - stop at Duane Reade for chapstick - comedy ensues with the check out girl trying to overcharge Dale - IMAGINE!
  • Home to bed.
Saturday Sept. 20
  • Breakfast at home, then train to Ground Zero - looking around downtown
  • Back to apartment for lunch, with a stop at NYU bookstore - score!
  • Sandwiches a la Shawn
  • Boeing-Boeing on Broadway! WONDERFUL show. My review will be "glowing-glowing"
  • After show got to see a few cast members, but not Gina Gershon. Shawn was disappointed.
  • Walked up Seventh Ave in a street fair - lots of things to see and tempting food.
  • Bus ride down Fifth Avenue to get home
  • Mercado's Pizza for supper with a green salad - YUM
  • Staten Island Ferry - see the twinkling lights of downtown and the Statue of Liberty (I was sure missing my bubba Max!)
Sunday Sept. 21
  • Breakfast at home
  • Six Train to Church - Park Ave UMC
  • Six transfer to N heading to Astoria, Queens
  • Lunch with Kellie at Michaels' Restaurant
  • Visit to Kellie's apartment
  • N Train to HARLEY DAVIDSON NYC - hours until 7 pm. Woot! ($42 for a dadgum T shirt!)
  • Walk up a few blocks to Central Park - rest on bench
  • Train down to Canal Street and Pearl River Mart - fun shopping
  • Home for dinner - steak, fried zucchini, corn on the cob, corn bread and salad
  • Ice cream for dessert
Monday Sept. 22
  • Mari stayed home to work
  • Breakfast at Cozy's
  • Uptown Treasures/Harlem Bus Tour
  • Lunch out and about
  • Central Park ramble
  • Natural History Museum
  • Visit to see Shawn's office
  • Home to pick up Mari
  • Dinner at M&G's - a local restaurant that's only so-so, but they were so tired we couldn't really walk any farther. Too bad so sad.
  • Heroes premiere while parents slept.
Monday Sept. 23
  • Shawn's off teaching class
  • Parents are stumbling around while I work
  • Will probably go to Washington Square Park, the NYU bookstore and around our neighborhood for a wander
  • Train leaves at 2 pm - Shawn will be back from class and office hours at noon to get them to Penn Station
A good visit! We're all exhausted and can't wait to have a bigger place to more comfortably accommodate our visitors!

Photos to follow.

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