Violet Violence

The Violets won the first game of the Tip Off Tournament, so that's pretty good. It was frantic and sloppy play in a lot of cases, but it was fun. I think I like screaming even more than watching the sport. Now we've got some NBA ball on the tube.

The fans/crowd at the NYU games are sad and nonexistent. The women's team is pretty good, at least I think so, but no one really there to cheer them on. And those who are there are lackadaisical (yeay spell check) and quiet. I have to check myself because I'm probably one of the loudest there and I make a racket. Eeep!

Tomorrow Shawn will be on his way to a conference in Minnesota, but we have a few craft fairs to visit before he leaves. Hopefully we'll hit the gym too. (His flight is late in the day.) My church craft fair is tomorrow, and there's one in Union Square Park and Bryant Park (not sure that they're "craft" fairs but are definitely holiday affairs). A fair in Grand Central opens Monday, so maybe I'll find time to visit it before the Thanksgiving trip.

Time flies regardless of whether you're having fun, and November 2009 is certainly slipping through  my fingers.


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