Video On Demand: A Boy Named Owen

My weekly webcamming date with Owen happens every Wednesday. A highlight for sure. Today Owen went through the Toys-R-Us catalog that I sent him to let me know what his wish list for Christmas is. There is a lot that the kid wants!!! Christmas is so fun to think about.
For some reason I can't find my Christmas 08 spreadsheet. I have back to 05 what I bought for whom. I do have the Christmas card spreadsheet from last year, so I can repeat the send off with the 09 cards, more or less.
Last year after Christmas we went to Target in Danville and got a few boxes of beautiful cards for super cheap, and at an art fair on the street here in NYC I got some VIP cards that have a Christmas in New York image. No cartoon cards, but still love to spread the postal cheer. I am a member of the Letter Writers Alliance you know.
I get a big kick out of writing, but I don't do a Christmas letter. I figure this blog is enough blathering about my life. I guess I could put the blog address on the cards for anyone who wants intimate details. But I also think that most people do know about my blog but just stay away (or read on the sly!).
I finally have a phone provided by the office, which is kind of funny. I can just imagine the day when all three of my phones ring at once -- cell, home VOIP and office VOIP. I'm really living.
I hope some things will be happening in the next few weeks. We have lots of travel and frivolity on tap for the next few weeks, so there's that.

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Moomby said...

happy shopping!

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