Timing is Everything

Anyone want to send a postcard to a kid in Oklahoma for a class project? (Not my kid, but still in OK.) Let me know if you will and I'll e-mail the address.

I sent my NYC version today and while on the way down to drop it in the outdoor post box I remembered something that happened last time Dale & Steve visited. We were all waiting at the elevator, and Shawn started talking about how we aren't supposed to use the mail slot drop. At the EXACT moment he said that a few letters dropped right past his hand where he was pointing at the slot.

We all jumped and laughed. I still think of it every time I look at the mail slot. The timing made the joke.

A new store opened on Broadway this week. It's called SuperDry. What do you think that might be?

While it was being prepared and the signs declared "SuperDry Coming Soon" I was certain it would be a giant ... dry cleaners.

Was I ever surprised when it opened and it's a hipster-doofus clothing store. Makes sense on the NYU campus, but I still don't get the name. It's translated from Japanese I believe. I laugh at myself every time I pass. Timing had nothing to do with that joke!

Almost finished packing my carry on roller bag and then will shut down the computer and pack it up too. Trying my best to pack light. So far it's OK, but I probably won't have room for all the stuff I want to buy down there. Hopefully Shawn has extra room in his suitcase. Otherwise I will be shipping a box to myself!

I can't find my travel contact solution. DUD city. My flight isn't until 2:30 though so I can run get some on my way back from the gym. Ambitious but I do want to work out one more "regular" time before leaving. Will be a test of my will to get up in the morning when I don't technically "have" to for work. Wish me luck.

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Sydney said...

Have you had any offers for the postcard project? Maybe if people knew it was for a BACA sponsored child.

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