Crochet: Anastasia Afghan in Red

I couldn't find these images on my hard drive BUT I remembered that I had ordered some hard copies for Gran in October when I finished the afghan. So they were on Walgreen's, and I've transferred them to Flickr and posted here.

The center was really easy, mindless crocheting. The edging/border was a nightmare. I couldn’t figure out the corner especially and had to rip out an entire side because I’d been adding a stitch inadvertently. The border itself was WAY too big for the center, but I sewed it on anyway and there’s just a little ruffle-ness especially near the corners.

It got a good reception from Dale when I gave it to her for early Christmas (we won’t be seeing here on Christmas and I wanted to be there when she opened it). A labor of love, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

The kit from Herrschners definitely came with too much yarn for the pattern, so I've got a few skeins of 2-ply bright red yarn left. (I really expected it to be more cranberry but the red is very Christmas-y and pops here in the basement TV room.)






To give you a sense of scale -- laid out on our bed.


Jean said...

I, too, had a horrible time with the border! I ripped out entire sides at least 3 times. I made this for a wedding present. I never dreamed it would take me so long to complete. I hope my friend likes this, it will be one of a kind, I'll never make it again.

Anonymous said...

If you have the written instructions for this afghan I would love to have them. I think this is such a beautiful afghan. Can you email them to me? ThanksMy email is

Anonymous said...

Its a beautiful afghan. Could I get the pattern. My email is

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