Christmas Crochet Tree

crocheted tree 09 Here's the mystery crochet project. If I'd made all 12 squares it would have ended up 5 feet long. The pattern is written in Australian crochet terms, which I didn't realize until I'd already done most of it. I stopped at 8 squares since we won't be home for most of Advent anyway.

So the pattern -- you make 12 green granny squares, each progressively bigger, then add a row of white around each. Fold them almost in half and stitch the point down, then attach the squares together with bows to make it look like a tree. With 12 squares you'd have 24 little pockets, which you number (with paper) or otherwise and put little presents or candies in each pocket, opening one each day for advent (different than Advent, I believe, which starts Sunday and lasts through Epiphany 1/6).

I've got an Advent devotional for this year, so I will learn more and be able to figure it out.

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