Dental DON'T

Today I figured out why most people dislike the dentist. It's PAINFUL. I've never had a really bad cleaning, but this one was the worst. And obnoxious because for the last six months I've been brushing w/ a high dollar Sonicare toothbrush that the hygienist insisted I have. I have flossed regularly for years, and no dentist or hygienist has ever noticed, but it's something adults have to do so I do it. Clearly I'm brushing wrong ... she said there were hard deposits under my gums in the front and she was surprised I hadn't had gum pain because they were inflammed and looked sore. Well I certainly have pain now after she dug out whatever was in there. How horrifying, right?

So I'm near tears at this point, cursing myself for spending so much money on something that clearly didn't do the job, the dentist is showing me how to brush my teeth and then I go to have a cavity filled ... it's not a new one/is the same one as last time. I put it off due to insurance battles but all seems well now. The filling was easier than the cleaning, although I hate the noise, and I zoned out so I didn't hear his "open wider" commands until he said my name kind of loud and tapped my shoulder. Nice.

How did I make it twenty-five years without a cavity? Now it seems I have one/year at least and I'm actually taking BETTER care of my teeth in terms of flossing and brushing (or so I thought). I didn't have cavities until I moved away from Oklahoma, but then I was younger then, so who knows why things change.

Webcam shot of my teeth. My laptop's webcam has a built in "film" option so I guess I could start my own video diary/confessionals. How Real World of me. Only a thought.


Heather said...

It's the water. When I left Florida I started having issues with my teeth too.

Here's the theory: lots of communities put fluoride in the water to help immune systems and teeth. With the advent of water purifiers and living in cities where tap water could kill you (like DC), we lose the helpful ions and start to lose the strong enamel built up on our teeth.

I use ACT every night before bed, and that seemed to help me a bunch.

Kudos on regular flossing. You may be the only person our age who does that. :)

Mari said...

I don't know about commenting on my own blog, but I want to respond, even if you never see it Heather. :)

The hygienist told me the only reason to use toothpaste is for the fluoride. (And I've also been using a high dollar toothpaste she recommended to build up the enamel.)

I'm fairly certain NYC tap water contains fluoride, but I know for sure my Indiahoma water did ... and I guess the Stillwater water did too. I didn't use a Brita filter in either place though. I do here. Hrm.

Don't tell me others don't floss ... it will make me think I can get away with not doing it! Shawn is just a bit older than me/us and he religiously flosses (and was probably what influenced me to do it regularly).

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