Blogging today because it's my commitment. I have a headache from ... probably overstimulation.

I left this morning for church, then had to wait 45 minutes afterward before my faith class. At least it was the last one ... I enjoyed it, but it could have been run with a little more ... I don't even know what the word is. Would have been better with more people. Would have been better with ... on and on. But even so, it was good. But I'm also glad it's over.

Afterward I stopped by a little store next door to the church and found the red ribbons/bows I had been needing to complete my mystery crochet project. OH joy. Now assembly, photos and blogging can come this week before I leave for Thanksgiving.

The subway ride - EXPRESS for once - to the gym, where I worked out for nearly an hour (a full hour if you count stretching). On the way in I saw some of the basketball players. I was almost a out-there fan girl, but instead just kept on.

At this point I'd only eaten my breakfast bar so I was getting pretty hungry, but the movie I wanted to see was starting in about 30 minutes. I got my ticket, got in line, bought some popcorn and a diet coke ($12!!!) and got a seat in the 5th row (totally crowded). I could have pushed my way into some of the more choice seats, given I was just one person but I couldn't really be bothered.

I saw Precious. And now I feel so utterly ... depressed, I guess. I mean it's got a bit of a hopeful message, and it DOES make me feel grateful that my life has been nothing like her life (aside from a shared love of writing), but just ... sad that such things happen in our world. It's fictional, but you know that poverty like that exists, as does abuse and a whole host of horrible things.

Now I'm home, and although in principle I don't want to do any work, there is something that I didn't get done on Friday because I ran out of time before the basketball game. I also need to figure out a real meal -- probably hamburger patties and green beans, how original. Oh, and I should take some Advil.

That is all.

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