Dud City

The church craft/holiday fair was today. Shawn and I rode up there to check it out. The blanket I donated was in a pile with some other baby blankets, mostly used and kind of ratty looking. The bows were untied and it looked a mess. That made me sad.

The snowflakes were on a table with other Christmas ornaments. Not all of them were left, so maybe they did sell. It was just junky and warm and crowded. There was really nothing we needed, and I can't eat sugary breads and such. So it was a quick 5 minute perusal and back on the train.

After the ride back we made a stop at The Strand, where Shawn sold some books, and I found a $5 copy of David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice, a book of short stories that I'm going to read and hopefully discuss w/ an online book club at Very Bookish. I also got a "Top 10" Miami book, so we'll at least have a map when we go in a few weeks.

Shawn just left for the airport and his conference. We'll meet up at his folks' house in a few days. Whatever furthers the cause of permanent employment.

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Heather said...

Miami, however, is not a dud city. Try the Cuban breakfast bread while you're there. Best. thing. EVER. (well, in terms of breakfast foods in Miami anyway).

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