Patience and Discipline

Here's a webcam shot of Owen from Halloween. I got to see him in his hybrid Bumblebee/Optimus Prime outfit. He was certainly hopped up on sugar and gave me a cute closeup on screen. He surely is sweet. Sweeter than candy!

I am now being tested -- at least my patience is. My work changed Internet Service Providers, which somehow managed to kick me off the access list for VPN and e-mail. A struggle, as here it is afternoon and I haven't had access to my work e-mail since late Friday. Good news is that my direct boss is on vacation, so nothing should be too pressing (and people CAN just call me if it's urgent). I have also been able to do some work that didn't require e-mail. But it's a pretty weird disconnect.

Now a computer tech has remote access of my work computer, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pop off a little blog post. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep (shouldn't the time change make me SLEEPIER at bedtime?) I was thinking about discipline and the ways I'm trying to improve myself.

I have become a dedicated flosser over the past few years, and over the last six months my brushing routine has picked up because of the purchase of a sonic toothbrush.

Exercising daily is still forming into a habit, but getting there. Eating better is something that requires more discipline, including discipline to plan and prepare meals in advance. I get really lazy and have to fight the tendency to just do takeout.

I need to have better discipline in my spiritual life, with devotions. I'm making a start with the faith class commitment (which could be a post on its own). I also would like to be a more disciplined writer -- not necessarily blogger, but there are some things I need to write that I just don't do ... in favor of TV or goofing around or whatever.

My patience paid off -- the tech was able to quickly fix the problem, flush my DNS and get me re-connected. So it's whirlwind work this afternoon. Hopefully a quick trip to the gym before the Knicks game. HA!

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