{5/24/10 removed the DailyMugshot viewer because it slows down the site when this page is included ... but I will send the direct link to anyone interested in seeing my face morph/age}

I think this is a pretty dumb thing that I do, but I can't stop. It takes a while to load all the pictures, but when they do it's kind of fun to watch. I haven't taken a picture EVERY day since March, but most days when I'm at the computer I will do it because it's so easy/the webcam is right here. There are some funny ones, some unflattering ones and mostly just a lot of boring Mari-face, one hair cut and watching as it grows out, on the FEW days when it's not in a ponytail or bun. Ridic!

My identity is more than my face though, both online and IRL interactions. (Imagine that!) My name changed as of 5/30/08, but I also deal with the Mari vs. Marilyn issue. Lately I've been using Mari more often even in "formal" items. I'd never change my name from Marilyn (for so many reasons, including SEVEN letters in my first name), but Mari is more "me." I'm no longer MP from I, O who likes rhymes. But I am, so it's still a little weird to me sometimes to remember I am a Mrs. I worked hard for this M-R-S degree. *groan*

I love my mirror-able initials just like I loved my rhyming name.

(Oh, and I still respond to Mare-Pear, Merlin and other name variations rooted in affection)

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Unknown said...

I think the picture thing is way cool ... and I'm hoping you still respond to HKMP!

-- cg

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