Wintry Mix

Frozen bunny in our garden

Frozen trash and recycling cans
On Friday we had a bit of a wintry mix weather situation, and the town SHUT DOWN. The bridge over the river was closed -- the only reliable way to cross was via the slow and overcrowded ferry. We stayed home all day, although Shawn did go to work. It was cold, but it didn't snow. There was icy rain and some sleet/ice pellets. Nothing like the beautiful snow I remember from NYC.

There may be some more weather coming in Tuesday, a 30% chance and definitely cold. I absolutely love it, as being slightly nippy in my warm house is OK by me. But there might be a small part of me turning into a southerner that's looking forward to warmer days ahead. (Who am I kidding, we have warmer days mixed in between this cold days -- it's going to be about 60 today I think!)

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Anonymous said...

FOR the love... OD "TO BE SHUT-DOWN within two weeks"

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