Clean Bird and Random Ice Updates

I can't stop thinking about this Jezebel post about showering and how often is normal. The comments are as interesting as the post. They are mostly about not showering daily. For what it's worth I shower every night but wash my hair every third or fourth day. I can't imagine not using soap, but then I've never given it any thought. We bathe Jane every other day and use the mildest soap imaginable, for which I'm ever grateful to my friend for introducing to us.

Frozen driveway -- ice pellets
We had another snow day (or faux sneaux), which was good because the roads were icy and dangerous until the afternoon. I don't understand why the mail didn't run, but whatever.

This stay-at-home for multiple days in a row has coincided with my second cold of the year. This one has hit me like a freight train, as opposed to the last one that crept up on me and lingered. I can only hope that this one will just go away as quickly as it came.

Also for the first time in more than three years I can actually take medicine (not pregnant and not nursing). Two nights ago night time cold medicine sent me into a deep foggy sleep that was unfamiliar and scary, so I skipped it last night. Big mistake, as I had poor sleep and not enough of it. Tonight I'll brave the crazy feeling just to get some rest and hopefully recover.

Icicles on the roof
The staying at home thing isn't totally difficult for me, as I can easily go a couple days without leaving the house if I'm not careful (especially since I've been trying to stay away from Target and mindless shopping). With warmer weather we usually hit up the park, which is a welcome relief. It will be warm enough later this week to do that too.

I haven't lost any productivity either -- although I wonder how much they can total the storm's impact on the economy to the region and our city. I still did my chores, exercised and kept Jane entertained, fed and mostly happy. Having Shawn home helps with her happiness. This stupid cold is surely bringing me down, and a couple times today I thought I would just collapse on the couch in a heap... Maybe tomorrow.

I'm not sure how I picked up this second round of cold germs. I know Jane was sick for one day last week after we had a play date, so that's possible. (I made a big point of scheduling the date AFTER we were all healthy from 2014 cold round 1, but the other family did throw some sneezes and coughs in Jane's face.) If I got it from kissing Jane's face I guess it's worth it -- I love kissing my big girl. But I'd still rather not be sick!

There is another possible source though. I started feeling sick Sunday evening, and I'm ALWAYS suspect of passing the peace, which we now do every week at church. I don't think I'm a big germ-o-phobe, but I am aware of public health best practices and how washing hands stops the spread of germs. And seeing the pastors (and helpers, sometimes children helpers) serve communion intinction-style after touching everyone in the sanctuary without so much as a swipe of hand sanitizers always makes me leery. No one listens to my suggestions though so I've just stopped sharing ideas.

What a positive bird am I.

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