Disney Worms Its Way In

Even without regular screen time I've got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-loving toddler on my hands. We listen to a lot of Pandora during the day, usually the Toddler Tunes channel. I'd say about 50% of the songs are somehow Disney-related.

I'm not complaining because I actually love the They Might Be Giants songs for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Jane does too. Hot Dog is a favorite, as is the title track (after looking it up seems like those are the only two TMBG songs, although the band has put out some other kids music).

I think I'd actually like to buy the album (affiliate link), but I'm trying to curb my spending as a self-improvement exercise ... and to see if I can actually do it. It's been about 12 days since I've been to Target and even longer since shopping online. And it is rough.

But I digress.

The Pandora listening is also really driving an urge in me to see some of the new Disney movies, specifically Tangled and Frozen. Man, those songs are good. And hearing Little Mermaid songs always makes me want to watch that. Even seeing The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast sounds good to me, and I never really loved either of those films.

It just goes to show how great Disney is at marketing through every channel. I want to resist the corporate conglomeration that is the mouse. I don't think we'll ever be all-things-Disney, but I do think I'll eventually break...

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