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I love to read, and with an amazing Christmas gift of a Kindle Fire and access to tons of books via my library's ebook selection I've already started plowing through several books this year. The Kindle is linked to Goodreads automatically, since Amazon now owns it, but gone is any way to simply tweet about the book itself without also posting to Goodreads. (I also have an old school early generation Kindle that I have to decide what to do with, but I could tweet something without linking to Goodreads on it.)

One thing that is neat is to see the books I read in a specific year. I have never fully cataloged my reading on Goodreads, and I don't really keep track of the books I've read anywhere else. The Kindle makes it easy to add any Amazon books -- either Kindle or ordered in print -- by accessing your Amazon account. I didn't do that yet, because really what does it matter?

I will try to record the books I read on the Kindle -- but not every one. I've been reviewing several crochet pattern books (AMAZING) and read most of a fitness book, but I don't think I want to count those in "what I read in 2014." Maybe if my count is low at the end of the year though I'll go back and add them! Because my library loans link to my Amazon account those details will be there forever I think. :-/

Anyway, here's the latest book I read, finished today, and briefly what I thought of it (brief because I can't type well on the touch screen).

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surprisingly Novel-like

I didn't realize I had chosen nonfiction until I started the book. I loved the details and everything about the fair. having that interwoven with the serial killer story made for a book I didn't want to put down.

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I was very impressed with the amount of research that went into the book. It reminded me of my grad school days and the work I got to do in the National Archives II in College Park. It was fun and felt somewhat exciting to sift through records and documents that no one had seen in decades. (I was focusing on female reporters during the Vietnam War.) There are many more stories like this to be told I'm sure, but the level of effort it requires seems insurmountable. I know I'm late to the game (try 10+ years) for this popular book, but I salute the author for his work and will probably check out more of his books.

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